Our treatments offer you.
A pleasurable experience

Stress Relief
Sense of well-being
Relief of Anxiety
A Real Treat for all

And So Much More.....




Our Aim

Soul Magik Treatments, aim to provide Clients with a pleasurable and beneficial experience which may help to ease symptoms and provide an increased sense of well-being.
Therapies are offered primarily for the relief of stress and anxiety but can also assist in relieving physical symptoms such as pain, insomnia, nausea and muscle tension. In general, our therapies can be used to induce a feeling of well-being and of ‘letting go’ and are also aimed at a giving clients a ‘Treat’ rather than a treatment.
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Treatments Available
Swedish Body Massage From   £35.00
Facial Massage Half Hour         £12.00
Facial Massage 1 Hour session £20.00
Reiki Healing                                £20.00
Reflexology                                   £25.00
Hot Stone Therapy from from  £35.00
Indian Head Massage                 £25.00

Full Leg                                £20.00
3/4 Leg                                £15.00
1/2 Leg                                £12.00
Bikini from                         £18.00
Underarms                           £8.00
Forearms                            £10.00
Eyebrows                              £5.00
Upper Chin or Lip                £5.00
Upper Lip, Chin & Face       £9.00
Mens Back   or Chest        £25.00